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Get to know our range of services, always fit to each client’s profile. Through an in-depth analysis of the market trends and considering your personal objectives, we present the alternative paths to preserve and grow your wealth.

Análise de Tendências do Mercado


Investor Profile/Objectives;


Resources Distribution and Return on Investments;


Ideal Investments Portfolio;


Results Monitoring/Follow-up

Investor Support

Strategic guidance and advice, aiming at the optimization of the financial and the real estate operations, through the maximization of tax and fiscal benefits.

Operational Companies valuation, to ensure the segregation of duties and the higher return on investment (analysis for possible partnership, sale or IPO).

Advice and planning of a suitable personal cashflow and expenses management, with the objective to preserve the growth of clients' assets.

Foundation for the sustainability of the resources during retirement and/or family succession, presenting alternatives for income maintenance and the best distribution strategy of assets (donation, testament etc.).

Financial Asset Management

Identification of the best investment opportunities in Brazil and abroad, to define the portfolio that fits the client demands, as the reports drawn up by the analyst of securities*

Resource allocation amongst banks and independent institutions, always searching for the most interesting choices of vehicles**, through the different classes of asset***, according to the financial market dynamics.

Constant monitoring and follow-up of the market's performance and its investments, through managerial reports and regular meetings, in order to establish a precise and timely decision making process.

* This service is provided exclusively by Pleni Gestão de Recursos LTDA., through the best available financial solutions, appropriate to the profile of each client.
** Different kind of investments vehicles: individual, corporate or institutional products.
*** Classes of Asset Examples: referred products (CDI), fixed income (pre-fixed or inflation), multi-market, private equity, stocks, pension funds, etc.

Real Estate Consultancy

Support to buy, sell or rent residential or commercial real estate, through tax and fiscal efficiency to ensure the proper balance of the client's patrimony.

Analysis and recommendation of taking part into Real Estate Incorporation Projects, considering the profit projection, taxes, net value etc.

Feasibility studies to determine investment in Brazil or abroad, presenting different scenarios for purchase or sale of Real Estate, such as loans, companies foundation etc.